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In the spring of 2012 KHMB Y&S Design was asked to design and engineer the Sailplan and deck-lay-out of the Wishbone ketch Chronos for Sailing Classics CV. This charteryacht is built under CCV rules in Bodrum at Arkyacht in Turkey. After discussions with the owner and yard it was decided to equip the yacht with steel tapered bowsprit and masts and aluminium booms and wishbone. KHMB Y&S design has made all design- and working drawings for said spars as well as the details for the pinrails, mast- and winch- and halliards, sheets and other running rigging foundations on deck and bulwark. Because the ship is used as a professional charteryacht, the goal was to design the rig as cost-efficient as possible, with linited use of stainless steel, though with the lowest maintainance level possible during  lifetime. An example are the Class A galvanised 1x19 shrouds, which obviously are much more budget-friendly then stainless steel wires (and their end connections !), but with nevertheless equal- or even better mechanical properties. Maintainance of these wires will be very limited because of the Class A (heaviest) galvanisation layer and, on top of that, the treatment with a deep penetrating transparant grease, which will not run down on the sails etc.