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  Sailing freighter   
In 2010 I was approached by my good friend and shipbuilder Johan Hazekamp of the former shipyard Elise to support him with a General Arrangement Pan for the Mathilde. This motor barge was built in the early 20th century in the Netherlands as a sailing freighter for inland waters. At the moment the ship is renovated in the south west of France at shipyard Meca Fluvial for private purposes and ment to sail on mainly the French canals. Different options for the lay-out were made and even a charter version was considered. Eventually the owners decided to convert Mathilde for their own private use. Special attention has been made for the large Wheelhouse and aft deck, which have the same floorlevel and are connected with 2 large doors. This results in a cockpit-like deckarrangement near the stem. Because of the low bridges on for example Canal du Midi, the roof of the Wheelhouse can be hydraulicly lowered. The wooden top-parts of the Wheelhouse is completely collapsable due hinges on the steel fixed parts, leaving the crew and guests in the open air, while they are still protected for the sunlight by the wheelhouse roof .Another nice feature is the Vide between the wheelhouse and underdeck spaces as galley, dining area and lounge. Moreover the galley, diningarea and lounge have 2 huge skylights for an abundance of daylight.