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The 70M Sherakhan is the former Prinses Margriet, training vessel of the K.O.F school on the Dutch isle of Terschelling. Here the ship was laying for a couple of years, waiting for a new owner with noble intensions…….
This new owner contacted my good friend and co-designer Cees Kapteyn of KMC in 2002, for the design of a major conversion, making the ship suitable to serve the private-cruise market as a mega-yacht in Mediterranean- and Caribbean waters. Because of the scale, Cees knew, that this order was too much to handle on his own and contacted me to co-operate for this one. We decided to accept the order, recognizing the potential of the ship and knowing, that the design- and building process would be a challenge because of multiple reasons. …. The owner had very specific wishes for the classification, stability, appearance and luxury degree for the conversion of the training ship into a mega-yacht.

Giving the ship a yacht- appearance and a breath-taking
interior lay-out, proved to be the less difficult task to fulfill, at least from a designers point of view.
An eye catcher is the 5m high Dining Atrium under the glass bottomed Jacuzzi, filtering a fantasy of light through the room. Another gadget is the forecastle with hydraulic flush hatches of 8 by 3 meters, giving two fast rib-tenders a protected space, out of the unforgiveable sunlight.

Classification however was another story. Because the ship was original build in 1966, she did not comply to all the latest safety rules. To accomplish this, a lot of work and discussion with the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate (IVW) and Class society (BV) had to be done. The particular difficulty was the possible interpretations of the present rules and criteria keeping the owner and designer awake during a couple of nights 

The ship had to be, rightly, comply to the latest intact- and damage stability criteria of the SOLAS rules. As insiders knew, the Prinses Margriet had the reputation of making the 'strongest steel stomach' rumble. We decided to remove the so-called 'Anti roll tank' (a.k.a. 'Roll more tank'); We left the 'full breadth tanks' empty and planned to replace all the steel roundhouses by aluminium ones with classic, yacht-like aesthetics. Moreover some double bottom tanks were filled with a stunning 350 ton of fixed steel- and concrete ballast. To make the ship even more comfortable, two large, active fin-stabilizers were added.

To design and support the conversion of this 'Old Lady' with a rich tradition into a mega-yacht, having an exciting future was bumpy, challenging and last but not least, more than satisfying.

Main Particulars

Overall length 69,65 m
Waterline length 61,10 m
Moulded breadth 12,00 m
Depth to 1st Tweendeck 5,80 m
Depth to 2nd Tweendeck 8,25 m
Draft 4,50 m
Airdraft 25,30 m
Displacement 1917 ton
Hull material Steel grade A
Roundhouse material AlMg 4,5 Mn H321 alloy
Main propulsion Caterpillar 1014 kW
Originally built by Vuijk, Holland, 1966
Converted by Verkerk Yachting Projects, Holland, 2005
Classification Passenger ship under SOLAS, BV
Flag state Dutch (IVW)
Nr. of guests 26
Nr. of crew incl. master 19